Some basic information about us:

We do historical fencing and historical reenactment (hussite mercenary company 1420-1440 AD). You can see some photos of what we do in our gallery.

We learn duel fencing with long swords – first years we learn basics, then we learn advanced teaching of master Lichtenauer. We do not perform theatrical swordplay, we learn it as a European martial art. We also participate in tournaments – both with federschwerts (light and a little bit more sporting steel long swords) and with soft imitations of swords. We do use some protective gear for the tournaments and sometimes even for training.

We also attend the battles – they’re massive actions (smallest we had ever been to had about 70 warriors, largest about 1 000 of them). They usually have scenarios and spectators, which makes them somehow closer to theatre, but there is a lot of improvisation and adrenalin too. We fight there with armors and halberds or spears and we build our historical camp – tents, tables, benches, flag… We wear costumes (we buy them or sew them ourselves), we drink mead, play musical instruments and have fun.

If you want to be part of this, you can come to some of our training sessions in first half of October. You will try training, go to pub with us and talk about what we do – and you will see, if you like it. If you do, we’ll train you with the sword, we’ll help you make or buy costume and with all the other stuff that may look hard for you now.

We recruit new people at ZŠ Benita Juareze – you can come there at 19:45 or join us down in metro station Dejvická at 19:30. The days are: 2., 4., 9., 11. of October. Take some sporting clothes and shoes suitable for gym, bring yourself a bottle of water and be sober. :-)

If you have some questions, you can ask them on training or write us email to nabor@krkavci.cz or call us:
Karel: +420 724 943 189
Zbyněk: +420 776 213 704

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Join us

We are looking for new members. You can join us too! Why should you? You will learn historical fencing! You will experience the heat of the battles! You will find out how it was to live in medieval ages! You will help us to surpass oneself! You will try new stuff! You will become a …

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