Krkavci open the gates for the wide public and you, too, can try historical fencing yourself. And it's for free!

Throughout the year, you can experience not only trainings but also historical battles, workshops where we are going to help you with a costume, international tournaments and a lot more!

Watch our recruitment Facebook event: Recruitment 2020

COVID update

Our trainings continue in the regime set by restrictions for amateur interior sports. Like us on Facebook so that you don't miss any update. If you want to join us or just taste a bit of fencing, write an email to or a message in Facebook chat. Updates will of course appear here as well.

  • PES 3: We train in face masks and there can be only 10 of us in the gym.
  • PES 4: There are no trainings. You can still contact us and we will let you know when the trainings continue.
  • If you want to visit us on a training, let us know in advance so that we can ensure complying with the maximum number of attendees.
  • Please, if there is a risk that you are sick, do not come to our trainings. It is better when individuals miss a few trainings that sending us all in quarantine.
  • Disinfection is available at the trainings.
  • We will ask every attendee to give us contact info in case that tracing is necessary and also for us to be able to tell you updates regarding the trainings following the recruitment (e.g. if the school got closed).
  • If you have any questions or you need an individual approach regarding the recruitment, write us. In a situation like this one, it is most important to be flexible, we will certainly find solutions.

Where and when to come

We have trainings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 PM to 10 PM at the upper gym of Benito Juárez elementary school, Bílá 1, Prague 6, Dejvice. Let us know in advance so that we can ensure complying with the maximum number of attendees and also to be able to contact you in the case of last-minute changes.

We meet at 7:30 PM at the Dejvická metro station. You will recognise us by the swords :-). You can also come right to the gym before 8 PM.

What is needed

Almost nothing! All it takes is to come, be 18+ years old and sober. Bring shoes and clothes suitable for gym sports, a water bottle and a comfortable facemask that doesn't fall off when you move. You won't need a sword for now ;-).

How much does it cost

The recruitment trainings are free. If you decide to enter our ranks the membership fee is 550 CZK per month.

Where to ask questions

If you have any questions regarding either the recuritment of the group as a whole you can write an e-mail to or you can write us a message via facebook at

We look forward to you!