Krkavčí podzimní fechtík 2023

(Krkavci's small autumn fecht 2023)



Final Rank Name Club Elimination round Rank after pools
1 Václav Sokol SHŠ Krkavci finále - vítěz 1
2 Petr Weber KEBU Plzeň finále - poražený 3
3 Matvii Sakharov HEMA Praha malé finále - vítěz 12
4 Jan Mesarč PSA malé finále - poražený 15
5 Eliáš Cizl Digladior 1/4 4
6 Mirek Liberský Rotyka 1/4 6
7 Jindřich Tichý Poslední Argument 1/4 9
8 Tomáš Doseděl Rotyka 1/4 10
9 Petr Erlebach HELOPS 1/8 2
10 Jan Modráček PSA 1/8 5
11 Viktor Kliment Rotyka 1/8 7
12 Alexander Stankevich HEMA Praha 1/8 8
13 Nikolai Leushin HEMA Praha 1/8 11
14 David Javůrek Poslední Argument 1/8 13
15 Jan Filip HELOPS 1/8 14
16 Pavel Grussman HEMA Praha 1/8 16
17 David Jeřábek Poslední Argument 1/16 17
18 Matůš Kurian Rotyka & BŠS 1/16 18
19 Martin Vrabec HELOPS 1/16 19
20 Petr Kolovrátník SHŠ Krkavci 1/16 20
21 Martin Horák Digladior 21
22 Adam Prochaska HEMA Praha 22

Tournament info

Date: 28th October 2023, schedule will be announced later
Venue: Elementary school Na Chodovci 2700/54, Praha 4-Záběhlice; 50°02'56.6"N 14°29'19.9"E ATTENTION - change of venue

Categories: long sword open, long sword women (provided at least 5 female fencers are registered)
Registration: here
Capacity: 28 fencers in total for both categories
Entry fee: 350 CZK or 15 € for one category, 500 CZK or 20 € for both categories
Prizes: medals for best three performers
Ruleset: here; we reserve the right to change the ruleset up until the start of the tournament
We do not provide refreshments or accomodation.

The referees will be the members of our club, SHŠ Krkavci.


  • 10:00 - gym open, attendance, weapon check
  • 11:00 - official opening, immediately followed by the groups
  • 14:20 - start of elimination
  • 17:30 - announcement of the winners
  • 18:15 - sitting in a nearby restaurant (Restaurant Hamr Sports Complex HAMR-Záběhlice)

This timetable is an estimate and can be adjusted as the tournament progresses.

Details regarding the registration

Registration will start on Thursday, October 5th at 4:00 p.m. Just like at Jarní Fechtík, the total capacity (28 male / female fencers) of the tournament is common for both the open category and the women's category. The registration system will be a classic clickfest, but registrations in the women's category will have priority over others. In other words, the order of registrations is determined first by category, then by registration time.

The registration form will have to be filled out for each category separately. Women who want to compete in both categories are advised to fill out the registration for the open category first, and then for the women's category.

We will let this registration method run for two weeks, i.e. until 19.10. If the capacity of the tournament is filled by this date and there are substitutes, the women's category will have priority among these substitutes, otherwise only the time of registration will decide. This date is also the date until we return the fee in case of unregistration.

Follow the tournament's Facebook event: Krkavčí podzimní fechtík.

In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail, or via your Facebook: SHŠ Krkavci, žoldnéřská kompanie