Krkavčí podzimní fechtík

(Krkavci's small autumn fecht)


There are several big tournaments throughout the year, like, for example, Pardubický meč, Žilinský kumšt, and others. However there is not a lot of them and participation is difficult both from time and logistical points of view. We would like to support the idea of small local tournaments as a complement to the big ones. Such tournaments can be an opportunity for fencers, assistants, judges, and organizers to gain experience. Therefore we decided to organize such a tournament and we invite you to participate. We will be happy, if you come, but we will be even happier, if your club decides to organize similar small tournament in the future.

Date: 30th October 2021, the gym is open from 11:45, presence concludes at 12:30, the tournament is stated at 12:40
Place: ZŠ Na Chodovci 2700/54, 141 00 Praha 4-Záběhlice
Categories: long sword open
Registration: registration form (at this moment the capacity of the tournament is fulfilled, but it is possible to register as a substitute)
Number of participants: 14
Entry fee: 200 Kč (8 €)
Prizes: medals for the top three fencers
Rules: download; we reserve the right to slightly change the rules up until the start of the tournament (a print of the rules will be available on site)
We provide no food, refreshments or accomodation.

Watch the tournament Facebook event too: Krkavčí podzimní fechtík.

In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact us at, or our Facebook: SHŠ Krkavci, žoldnéřská kompanie

Assistant judges

Currently we have a sufficient number of assistants.
Every tournament needs its judges which there are never enough of. We think that such a small tournament is an ideal opportunity for people to gain experience with judging. If your club is interested in providing an assistant judge (a person who watches the exchanges "from the other side" and provides the judge information about what hey have seen; they do not make final decisions), write us to, and we will discuss it. A club that provides an assistant judge will have a guaranteed spot in the tournament for one of their fencers, i.e. a priority registration over those registered in the standard way. However, it is necessary to make the deal until 10 days before the tournament, i.e. until 20th Oct 2021.

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